Introduction to the ActBlue Entities API

Response Details

Parameter Description
entity XML representation of an entity
@id Unique identifier for the entity.
@href URL for XML representation of this entity.
displayname Entity display name (Barack Obama)
legalname Entity legal name (Obama for America)
prefacewitharticle True if entity displayname should be prefaced with "the" when used in a phrase
sortname Optional string that should be used as the alphabetic sort key
location If entity is a candidate for office, a short text description of the office
kind Classification of entity type
govid Federal, state, or local government ID for the entity
contribution_limit Maximum allowable contribution to entity, in cents.
links Collection of URLs for entity
link URL of entity hub page
donate URL of ActBlue contribution form for entity
image URL of entity image, if available
website URL of entity-maintained website, if available
candidacies If entity is running for office, a list of candidacies
@id Unique identifier for candidacy
result Result of candidacy (won/lost/withdrew/pending).
@id Unique identifier for election.
primary_date ISO-8601 timestamp of primary election date, if available.
general_date ISO-8601 timestamp of general election datee
runoff_date ISO-8601 timestamp of runoff election date, if available.
@id Unique identifier for election office.
name Name of elected office
description Long-form description of elected office
race_type Type of office
district Office district
state Office state
seat_count Number of seats in office (some have more than 1)
listentries Ordered set of contribution forms currently listing the entity.
@page Unique identifier for listentry's page.
@entity Unique identifier for listentry's entity.
@position Position of this listentry within the list.
page Abbreviated XML representation of contribution form.
blurb Text that appears at the top of the page.
scoreboards Scoreboards of contribution counts and totals. See scoreboard documentation for details.