Introduction to the ActBlue Pages API

Response Details

Parameter Description
page XML representation of a fundraising page
@name Unique identifier for the page. Last URL component.
@href URL for XML representation of this page.
@created-at ISO-8601 timestamp when page was created.
@updated-at ISO-8601 timestamp when page was last modified.
@pagecode An opaque alphanumeric string that Indigo clients or interactive users may use to segment page creation.
user The owner of the page
@user-key Unique identifier for the user.
email User's email address
title Fundraising page title
author Fundraising page author
kind page is a standard fundraising page, event is a ticket page.
deleted True if page is deleted (archived and hidden)
public True if page fundraising totals are public
show-scoreboard True if a separate table of fundraising totals per-candidate should appear at the top of the rendered fundraising page.
allow-recurring True if the contribution form allows recurring contributions.
preset-amounts Comma-separated list of up to 7 contribution amounts (in cents) offered as radio button choices on the contribution form. Only valid for pages listing a single entity. If blank, radio button amounts are chosen automatically based on the contribution limit of the page's entity.
blurb Text that appears at the top of the page. HTML permitted.
contribution-blurb Text that appears at the top of the page's contribution form. HTML permitted.
contribution-media Youtube URL for embedded video on contribution form.
web-receipt-blurb Text that appears on a contribution's receipt. HTML permitted.
email-receipt-header Text that appears at the top of the emailed contribution receipt.
links URLs of related items.
link URL of this fundraising page.
donate URL of the contribution form for this page.
goal If set, describes the page's fundraising goal.
kind Type of goal.
amount Goal setting, in people or dollars.
since Start date for goal totals, if set.
count Number of contributors towards goal.
total Total dollars raised towards goal as two-place fixed demical (1.23) in dollars (USD).
link URL of thermometer image showing progress towards goal.
listentries Ordered set of entities currently listed on the fundraising page.
@page Unique identifier for listentry's page.
@entity Unique identifier for listentry's entity.
@position Position of this listentry within the list.
entity Abbreviated XML representation of entity.
@id Entity's unique identifier.
displayname Display name (Barack Obama).
legalname Legal name (Obama for America).
blurb Text that appears at the top of the page.
scoreboards Scoreboards of contribution counts and totals. See scoreboard documentation for details.