Act Blue is featured in the new version of Laura Flanders’ book Blue Grit: Making Impossible, Improbable, and Inspirational Change in America.

from Chapter 7 ('Megaphones for the Masses'):

For the last few decades, make your own darn sign is pretty much what fed-up Democrats have been left to do, and in the past five years, thanks to a lot of new technology, all that do-it-yourself sign-making has received a boost from the mainstreaming of the Internet. Now all the talk is about the blogosphere. Website by website, e-mail by e-mail, fed-up (FU) Democrats are dragging their party into the twenty-first century.

FU party activists haven't created a megaphone -- they've created a parallel party message-and-mobilization machine. Small Democratic donors are giving directly to the candidates of their choice through online sites like, while a laterally networked activist base known as the netroots is sharing information, ideas, and strategy thought live-time chatrooms and group discussion sites, or blogs sometimes hosted by teams of bloggers. As long as the internet is "free," no one needs a studio or a license to broadcast or send mail.

from Laura Flanders, Blue Grit. New York: Penguin Books (2008): 165.

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