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Starting Out

What is ActBlue?

ActBlue is a Democratic fundraising website that your campaign can use to process credit card donations. ActBlue does not charge a setup fee. There is a 3.95% processing fee associated with your account, which covers the cost of getting contribution from the donor's credit card to your campaign.

Who can use ActBlue?

All Democratic candidates running at the federal or state level. In addition, we support candidates running in the local municipalities and counties listed at right. Judicial candidates cannot use ActBlue.

Why should my campaign use ActBlue?

ActBlue offers the best tools and the most reliable service, at a price any campaign can afford.

Every candidate and committee that uses ActBlue has access to software designed for major federal campaigns, built on top of technical infrastructure benchmarked at the highest levels. ActBlue handles the fundraising volume of thousands of federal, state and local committees, day in and day out. Where other vendors crash, ActBlue runs smoothly.

It's not simply a question of hardware and software, though. ActBlue offers the sort of personalized customer service that's hard to find these days. When you email us, we read it. When you call us, we answer. And if we're not there, we'll get back to you promptly. Our customer service team likes working for us, so they like working with you. It's that simple.

I'm sold! How do I get started?

Click here to request a listing on ActBlue. We'll contact you shortly thereafter to make sure we have all the information we need to get you started. At the federal level, it's as simple as that.

In some states and municipalities the law requires the campaign to set up a merchant account. Merchant accounts take a bit longer to set up, and carry a slightly higher processing fee. Once you request a listing, we'll send you the paperwork and explain the process.

What's my Campaign Finance ID?

If you're a federal candidate, you should have received your Campaign Finance ID (CFID) from the FEC after submitting your FEC form 1.

State-level candidates have different rules regarding CFIDs. Some states don't require them at all. Below we have listed the states which do require filing IDs, the agency which issues them, and the name of the ID.

StateName of IDWhere It Comes From

AZFiler IDSecretary of State

CAFPPC ID NumberFair Political Practices Commission

ILFiler IDState Board of Elections

INFile NumberIndiana Elections Division

IACommittee CodeIowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board

MAFiler IDOffice of Campaign and Political Finance

MICommittee ID NumberDepartment of State

MOMECIDMissouri Ethics Commission

NYFiler ID NumberNew York State Board of Elections

ORCommittee ID NumberOregon Secretary of State Elections Division

TXFiler IDTexas Ethics Commission

VACommittee ID NumberState Board of Elections

WICFIS ID NumberWisconsin Government Accountability Board

Using ActBlue

How does ActBlue work?

Once you've completed the setup process, you can direct donors to give to you through ActBlue. Every week, we'll total up the donations you've raised and send you a check for that amount to address you indicated when you filled out the setup form.

What features does ActBlue offer?

Too many to list here! For a rundown of ActBlue features and how to use them, have your finance team visit our Fundraiser FAQ.

How do I get people to give?

You ask them. Click here for a basic guide on how to ask people for money. When you send supporters to ActBlue, we recommend that you send them directly to the place where they enter their payment information, which we call a contribution form.

How do I see who's contributed?

During the setup process, under "Contribution Report Administrators" you indicated which people you'd like to have access to your contribution reports. Those people will be able to log in to ActBlue and see who has given to your campaign. If you'd like to change who has access to our contribution reports, send us an email.

I'm missing a check from ActBlue, what do I do?

Don't worry, just send us an email. We'll make sure the check hasn't been cashed and send you a replacement.

Can I get an ActBlue check sent out more than once a week?

Yes. As the election cycle heats up, we're happy to cut you a check in the middle of the week. Send us an email, and we'll make arrangements.

What if I need my ActBlue money tomorrow?

We can accommodate that. Let us know that you need a check overnighted by 3PM eastern time and we'll tell you what information we need from you.

Campaign Finance

Are my ActBlue contributions from individuals?

Yes. ActBlue only accepts contributions from individuals.

Are individual contributions made via ActBlue the same as other individual contributions?

For federal campaigns, yes. Contributions made via ActBlue are just like contributions through other means (e.g. on a candidate's web site, through the mail, at a fundraiser) and count towards individual contribution limits. ActBlue just helps process and deliver the contribution to your campaign.

For state and local campaigns, it depends. There are too many rules to list here, so please contact us if you have questions.

Municipalities and Counties

Arapahoe County, CO

Austin, TX

Ayer, MA

Baltimore, MD

Boston, MA

Cambridge, MA

Charlotte, NC

Chicago, IL

Cleveland, OH

Columbus, OH

Cook County, IL

Cottage Grove, MN

Denver, Co

El Paso County, CO

Franklin County, OH

Houston, TX

Indianapolis and Marion County, IN

Island County, WA

Jacksonville, FL

Jefferson County, CO

King County, WA

Los Angeles, CA

Madison, WI

Malden, MA

Medfield, MA

Memphis, TN

New Bedford, MA

Newton, MA

Oakland, CA

Philadelphia, PA

Phoenix, AZ

Pittsburgh, PA

Portland, OR

San Francisco, CA

Scituate, MA

Somerville, MA

Southbridge, MA

Waltham, MA

Washington, DC

Yonkers, NY