Fundraise for the Democrats of Your Choice

Whether you're an individual, a local group, or a national organization, you can use ActBlue to fundraise for the candidates, committees and causes you support. If you can send an e-mail and order a book online, you've got all the technical skills you need — and it only takes a few minutes. Here's how to get started:

Choose your candidates.
  1. Browse our Directory of candidates, causes and committees.
  2. Find one you want to support; just click "create page".
  3. Customize your fundraising page.
  4. Add multiple candidates; create as many pages as you want.
Recruit your friends.
  • E-mail family, friends, and colleagues a link to your page.
  • They can contribute right then and there.
  • Throw a house party: use your fundraising page for RSVPs.
Track your progress.
  • See in real time who's given and how much you've raised.
  • Contributions are instant. No waiting for checks in the mail.
  • ActBlue transmits the funds and takes care of reporting.
  • We make sure the recipients know you're raising the funds.
Change your country.

In just eight years, thousands of fundraisers have used ActBlue to raise over $250 million. Come join us! Start your own fundraising page for a candidate or committee in our Directory.

Questions? Check the FAQ, then contact us.