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Barbara Lee's First Endorsement


Barbara Lee is one of the moral pillars of the Congress, not just because of her lonely stand against the rush to pointless war after the tragedy of 9-11, but because of her relentless and unflinching struggle on behalf of ordinary working families. Having been reelected last cycle with 87%,  Congresswoman Lee is dedicating herself to help elect more progressive members to Congress. Her first endorsement is Dr. Lee Rogers, a progressive surgeon and father of two young girls in the Santa Clarita area, who is dedicated to the same values of peace, equality and dignity that have motived Barbara Lee's political career.

"Lee," she said, "is a doctor, a thinker, a progressive Democrat-- and, he can win. He’s running in California’s 25th Congressional District (Simi Valley-Santa Clarita area). It’s an open seat. And, the Nate Silver number crunchers say that it’s a district where Democrats can win. So help us put a progressive like Lee Rogers in it… He's the kind of fighting Democrat I need working beside progressives like Keith Ellison, Raul Grijalva, Alan Grayson and me in the House."

This week Blue America is encouraging progressives to contribute to Barbara Lee's and Lee Rogers' campaigns by offering one randomly selected donor this rare, signed Beatles portrait by the band's favorite photographer, Robert Freeman, who shot 5 album covers for them starting in 1963. The iconic image on the cover of With The Beatles, personally signed by Freeman, is the one we are giving away this week. It is 32" x 24" and perfect for framing.

If you're a fan of Barbara Lee's or Lee Rogers' and a fan of The Beatles, but can't stretch the budget for even a $1.00 contribution, send Blue America a post card and let us know you would like a chance to win as well, and we'll enter your name along with all the contributors. The P.O. Box is 27201, Los Angeles, CA 90027.

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