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We're so excited to announce that Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is running for Governor of Florida! Its moments like this that we've been waiting for. 

Over his career, Andrew has been a progressive champion working to improve the lives of the residents of Tallahassee. A graduate of an HBCU, Andrew firmly understands the value of a quality education and extending opportunities for success to everyone.

While I could go on and on about Andrew, I'd prefer you watch this incredible video of Andrew telling his own story and sharing his vision of a Florida that works for all of its citizens.

Although Andrew is running in 2018, we all know campaigns take time to build and we know there is going to be a tough primary. Nonetheless, up until now, there hasn't existed an organization that would go out and organize donors and get behind candidates like Andrew. And that's why supporters like you are so vital to our work.

Sign up to support Andrew's campaign. He's going to need each and everyone of us behind him on this journey.

Let's Bring it Home.


Quentin James, Founder
The Collective PAC

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