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Politics goes beyond just party-ID. Some putative Democrats are as corrupt and conservative as Republicans. That's why there's a Blue Dog caucus in the House. And it's why there's such a thing as the DLC. Once every two years voters have a chance to tell our elected officials they work for normal American families, not corporate CEOs, lobbyists, and reactionary Democrats who stand in the way of real change this country needs. Many Democrats whimper every two years that Blue Dogs, who undercut the progressive agenda and progressive values, are "better than Republicans." Cliff Schecter explained in the Oct 4 issue of the Guardian why they're not.

We've started this Actblue page called BadDogs because the Blue Dog caucus is enabling Republicans, hate talkers like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, the Insurance Industry and the Medical-Industrial Complex to shut down any true reform to our broken health care system. Please join us in our fight to hold them accountable for their actions...

Blue America was key in defeating the single worst Blue Dog in the country-- Bobby Bright (AL)-- in the 2010 election cycle. And we made strong attempts to rid Congress of right-wingers John Barrow (GA) and Jim Matheson (UT). We have plans for 2014. We're open to suggestions but right now we're looking for primary opponents to take on John Barrow, Jim Cooper and Jim Matheson.

Please donate to stop the Bad Dogs.

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