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Burnt Orange to Blue is a fundraising effort by Burnt Orange Report that highlights Democrats in our most important, must-win races this cycle. They need your help and your resources to compete to the fullest. Contribute to these great candidates and help Democrats win in these crucial races. Wendy Davis, SD-10: An unabashed champion for public education, Senator Davis is a crucial 12th vote in our State Senate. Republicans tried to take her out in redistricting, but Wendy fought back. Help her compete in this critical race. Pete Gallego, CD-23: This distinguished public servant will face Republican incumbent Quico Canseco, who votes against first responders and hobnobs with lobbyists rather than deal with constituents' concerns. Help Pete win this sprawling west Texas majority-Latino district. Nick Lampson, CD-14: Former Representative Nick Lampson has a distinguished record of constituent service in Congress. Now he's running in a radically redrawn 14th district anchored in his native Beaumont. Give Nick the resources he needs to defeat right-winger Randy Weber. Donna Howard, HD-48: A leader on education and healthcare issues, Donna Howard survived three recounts in 2010 to win by only 4 votes. In 2011, she sponsored an amendment to fund public schools' enrollment growth, which was blocked by Republicans. Help this advocate for Texas families win again in 2012! Ann Johnson, HD-134: This noted attorney and advocate for children is running to unseat Republican Sarah Davis, who voted for the 2011 budget that slashed $5 billion from our public schools, crippled Medicaid, and slashed 75% of state family planning funding. Send a true champion for children and families to the legislature, and support Ann today!Joe Moody, HD-78: As a second-generation public servant and the youngest legislator in Texas during the 81st legislative session, Joe Moody become a well-known criminal jurisprudence expert who filed many pieces of legislation. Dedicated to keeping Texas communities safe, he also helped pass one of the most sweeping pieces of anti-gang legislation in Texas. The Republican who took HD-78 in 2010, Dee Margo has only filed two pieces of legislation last session. Help this Democrat who is willing to work for El Paso win back his district!Carol Kent, HD-114: This longtime advocate for education is running in HD-114 to continue her work she began in 2009 before it was cut short in 2010. In her first legislative session, Carol Kent co-authored a bill to provide tax cuts for small businesses and more money for hardworking teachers. A former Richardson ISD Board of Trustees member and PTA president, Carol has a 20 year career in higher education serving Texas’ public and private universities. Donate to help Carol win this opportunity seat!John Adams, HD-45: A six-year trustee for the Dripping Springs I.S.D. Board of Trustees, John Adams has seen head-on how a Republican legislature can damage Texas public schools. John Adams is hoping to take back the seat once held by Patrick Rose from Republican incumbent Jason Isaac to ensure that a quality education will be available for all Texas children. Contribute to help John Adams fight for Texas public schools!Mary Ann Perez, HD-144: Mary Ann Perez has served as President of the Houston County Community College Board of Trustees, where she spearheaded ethics reform to bring greater accountability to taxpayers. This mother and neighborhood leader is also a civic volunteer and a small business owner of a successful insurance and financial service agency. Contribute to help Mary Ann Perez win the new HD-144!These are must-win races for Democrats this November. Please give them the support they need today. Can't give a lot? Make a recurring donation, and those small dollars will add up!

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