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On May 8, North Carolina will vote on whether to pass Amendment One, which would ban same-sex marriage, as well as civil unions and domestic partnerships for unmarried couples of ANY gender.

Pres. Bill Clinton just came out against Amendment One and recorded a phone message for over 1 million North Carolinians... but we need a last-minute infusion of cash to get it out the door before Election Day on Tuesday. Please chip in to carry his message across the state!

Public Policy Polling's poll on April 24th showed support for Amendment 1 dropping six points to 54%, the lowest of any public poll to date, and 27% of North Carolinians admit they aren't even sure what Amendment 1 would do. This exact kind of overreaching amendment was defeated in Arizona in 2006; we can win this if the campaign has the resources it needs to educate the public on what Amendment One does and why it must be defeated. On March 16, President Obama spoke forcefully against Amendment One. In April, Fortune 500 executives from North Carolina-based companies like Duke Energy and Bank of America, and major medical associations like the NC Pediatric Society spoke out as well. And on April 26th, even the legislative sponsor of Amendment 1 said he would now vote against it. Let's back up their words with action.

Help fully fund the campaign to protect NC families and defeat Amendment One by chipping in to keep their ads on the air!

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