Contribute Now to Peter DeFazio - don't let the special interests buy the election!

My friend, Oregon's own Peter DeFazio, is under assault by powerful special interests using a new giant loophole to fund a massive negative ad spree.

A shell group called "Concerned Taxpayers of America" was formed for the sole purpose of trying to defeat Peter. This front group, funded by secret donations, has spent $200,000 attacking Peter the past two weeks and is on pace to spend more than $1 million.

This negative ad assault is an example of the damage caused by the Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United decision earlier this year. The court threw out 100 years of precedent to allow unlimited corporate spending in congressional campaigns.

It's no wonder the special interests would target Peter. He has been one of the strongest voices in the House fighting for a progressive agenda. Peter needs your support to fight against this assault on our democracy. Your support will help him continue to be an independent voice in Washington, DC, fighting to turn this country around for working families rather than doing the bidding of wealthy special interests.

Senator Jeff Merkley

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