Support Shenna Bellows: Stop the GOP from taking over the Senate

If Republicans take control of the U.S. Senate, the Tea Party will run the Senate just like it runs the House. That's why, when we elect Shenna Bellows in Maine, it will deal a serious blow to Republicans in their effort to take over the Senate.

As the former Executive Director of the Maine ACLU, Bellows is the perfect progressive champion to take on and expose Susan Collins' Tea Party voting record. Collins voted with the Tea Party to shut down the government -- twice. She voted against the Affordable Care Act, but for warrantless wiretapping, the PATRIOT Act, and extending the Bush tax cuts. She was on the front lines in the fight to kill the public option and relentlessly supports every Republican filibuster.

Chip in now to defeat Susan Collins and fuel Shenna Bellows' campaign and save the Senate in November.

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