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Our office is the hub of progressive politics in Waukesha County. We not only host our meetings there, but use it for phone banks, canvasses, events, gatherings, and movie nights. This space has been used by the Bernie and Hillary campaigns, local groups like Grassroots Waukesha, Organizing for Action, and numerous others.

Our office is also the single largest expense that we as a county party have. At over $6,000 a year just for the space (not including phones, internet, office supplies) it takes up a large chunk of our budget. Without support from Democrats from all over Waukesha County, we would have to give up outreach activities in order to keep our office. Together though, we can continue to do outreach - we have plans for more public events, mailings, candidate support, issue outreach, and holding Trump, Walker, and the GOP accountable for their actions.

Our goal is $500 per month in reoccurring donations to make sure we fund this office yearly, without taking money away from other parts of our budget. Our goal is lofty, but I know that together we can easily make this happen. Something as small as skipping Starbucks once a month can free up $5 to help us reach our goal. Right now we need a place for progressives to organize against the GOP, and we are proud to be that place. TOGETHER, we can continue to keep our office open and spread our Democratic values.

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