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Thank you for believing that Utah and America’s future is worth fighting for and investing in.

We need funds to help get redistricting reform on this November's ballot -- it's now or never (at least 10 years, anyway). The deadline for signature gathering is April 15. If we don't do it by then, it will be 10 years before Utah voters get a fair opportunity to eliminate the Republican super-majority and bring some balance by electing Democrats to the Utah Legislature.

We need funds to recruit the best candidates possible before the filing deadline on March 19. We want to give Utah voters candidates that they can be proud to vote "for" instead of a choice for the person that they think will do the least damage -- or worse yet, no choice at all.

We need funds to encourage as many people as possible to participate in the March 23 precinct caucus meetings -- getting people involved in democracy is at the core of what our Party is about. These meetings help us identify people who are willing to work to promote democracy, the Democratic Party, or candidates that will work to make our community a better place to live and work.

We need funds to put together the best State Convention possible on May 7 and 8, 2010 as a forum to launch our candidate's in the most effective manner possible and introduce them to the State of Utah.

Utah Democrats tirelessly encourage our strongest and most gifted leaders – trying to give them every opportunity to run and win.

Utah Democrats stand together as a team, committed to our mutual causes – access to affordable health care, strong neighborhood schools, energy independence, job creation, good transportation, cleaner air and water, and a government as good and ethical as the people it serves.

Your contributions are critical to electing leaders who will work on what you care about the most.

Please make as generous a contribution as you can today and encourage your friends to give, too.

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