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My father had a motto: "I have never met a stranger; only brothers and sisters.” Although he grew up poor and without a formal education, he went on to found a church and preschool in our neighborhood. He would often repeat his motto as he and my mother strove to offer meals to those who were hungry, education for those who could not read or write, and spiritual advice for those who needed guidance. I have tried to live my life by those words – treating no man or woman or child as a stranger – and have done my best as an educator in Providence to help children and adults with the greatest need. 

For too long, however, we’ve had politicians who have only helped themselves and their well-connected friends, while the community struggles. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our community is strong and vibrant, and we have answers to the challenges that impact our neighborhood. What we don’t have is leadership that will fight for us.

I have spent my entire life working, teaching, and fighting for the community and for families; families who’ve worked hard for everything they have and just want a fair shot. As a mother, a Providence public school teacher, and a community activist, I have done everything I can to give my children, my students, and my neighbors a chance at success. And it’s this background that helped me make the decision to run for State Representative for our community, so I may bring that same passion and determination to the State House on behalf of our neighborhood.

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