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Gay Money is as green as Straight Money. And as effective. Most straight people go about their daily lives without thinking about divisive political framing that seeks to turn gays into "The Other" and into targets and outlets for bigotry. Most-- but not all. Conservatives can't very well go to working families with their economic agenda of upholding a status quo rigged in favor of powerful families and corporations. Instead conservatives have always found powerless minority groups to make into scapegoats: Jews, women, Blacks, Asians, the immigrants... The irony isn't lost on everyone that so many conservatives-- from Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and South Carolina "loner," Lindsay Graham to a dozen right-wing House members like Patrick McHenry, David Dreier, Mark Kirk, Aaron Schock, Trent Franks, etc-- are closeted, self-loathing gays themselves.

It isn't a coincidence that conservatives have stopped-- at least publicly-- denigrating some minorities, like the aforementioned Jews, women, Blacks, and Asians. These groups have fought back-- and fought back effectively, electing allies to high office and defeating enemies. Gays have been making great strides forward too, but scores of Republican elected officials, and more than a few Democrats, still think there is no price to pay for their vicious homophobic bigotry. This ActBlue page is dedicated to progressives who have a real shot at defeating egregious bigots in Congress this year. We'll be concentrating on the worst of the worst, but only on the worst of the worst with plausible opponents with a real chance of defeating them and then changing the tenor of the debate about issues important to the LGBT community.

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