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Alan Grayson's Favorite Musician


Most people who know Alan Grayson know him because of his stands on behalf of ordinary working families and on behalf of peace. He's been Congress' most unflinching advocate for the great mass of Floridians and Americans who can't afford to pay a lobbyist to make sure their views are represented in the nation's capital. But Alan is passionate about more than just policy.

For as long as we've known him, he's been a relentless evangelist on behalf of the songs of Joni Mitchell. And he knows every single one of them. When he saw that Blue America had 4 Joni Mitchell prints (18" x 24") from art work she did for Reprise, he asked if we would give them away to his supporters. That's what this little contest is about. Just make a contribution to Alan on this page-- any amount-- and you can be one of the 4 lucky winners to get a rare, collectible print. In fact, if you're strapped for cash and want a chance, just send a postcard to Blue America at P.O. Box 27201, Los Angeles, CA 90027 and you'll get a chance to win too.

Alan asked that we see if we can raise some money for a friend of his running for Congress as well, Lee Rogers. The admiration is mutual. This is what Lee had to say about Alan: "As a doctor, I know most people use their guts for digestion. But, Rep. Alan Grayson uses his guts for a more constructive purpose. He stands up for the voiceless and underrepresented as a Congressman. Sadly, unless you're one of the 0.01% that donates significant money to fill the coffers of politicians, you're probably one of those underrepresented by Congress. Alan is your voice.

"I greatly admire Alan for having the guts to stand up to nearly everyone and almost single-handedly prevent an American war in Syria. He's bold and 'tells it like it is.' Those are qualities I hope to emulate in Congress and I'm honored to have his support in my election."

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