JT Scott

Stay In the Fight

It's been an eventful year in Somerville, where the Blue Wave started early. Thanks to your incredible support, the electoral mandate to create change in our city government was heard loud and clear. Ever since getting into office, I've been pushing hard on the issues that you said mattered most to you: Affordability, Transparency, and Accountability.

All of our progress has me hopeful, but keeping that momentum going will require that I have the resources to stay in office asking the hard questions and using every scrap of data and every parliamentary and legal tactic available to force this administration to respond to our demands. I've researched legal precedents, filed FOIA requests, held hearings, drafted legislation, passed resolutions, and even blocked funding requests to make sure our needs are taken seriously and addressed. Thanks to the dedicated crew of activists here in Ward 2, we're staying ahead in this fight so far - but I need your help to push farther and do better in the next year, and hopefully in the next term.

Let's gather on December 1st to celebrate our victories this year and rededicate ourselves to the fight ahead in 2019!

I hope to see you at Cantina La Mexicana on Dec 1 at 6pm, and I thank you sincerely for your support.

JT Scott


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