Support Kris Schultz for Concord State Rep

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I’m running for State Representative in Concord's upcoming Ward 9 Special Election: Democratic Primary May 30, General Election July 18.  

With your support, we can have another Representative who understands the needs of New Hampshire’s working families.  Every dollar you give will make sure my message reaches Concord voters in this crucial Special Election.

We genuinely have to fight every day to make sure our families get ahead. The American Dream needs to be within reach for all Americans: the simple notion that for a hard day’s work earning a living wage, you can own a home, feed your family, afford healthcare, and live a decent life in your retirement.  

I will fight every day at the State House for affordable healthcare for everyone. I will make sure everyone that needs access to New Hampshire’s Medicaid expansion gets it.  I want to expand that access to all of Concord’s Ward 9 citizens.

New Hampshire needs to establish at least a $15/hour minimum wage. Without a living wage, our families won't be able to thrive and build New Hampshire’s economy into the robust engine we need to face the 21st Century and educate our children.

I am also sick and tired of the anti-government rhetoric that some at the State House spew everyday. Our government is by, for and of the people, and public employees are the backbone of our community. They plow our roads, teach our children, keep us safe, and maintain our economy.  

We have a moral responsibility with our state’s budget, too. We can balance our budgets and help businesses innovate while still helping New Hampshire’s most vulnerable citizens: the unemployed, the sick, the young, and the elderly.  To give more privileges to the privileged while cutting services to those in need is simply unacceptable.

It would be an honor to have your support, as I wish to be a loud and proud supporter of the values I believe you also stand for. With your help, I can do just that at New Hampshire's State House.

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