Stacie Laughton for State Rep 2012

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Hello I am Selectman Stacie Laughton from Ward 4 in Nashua NH. I am running for the NH house of Representatives in house district 31. I’m a native of the city of Nashua NH. I understand the needs of the citizens of Nashua. Let me first say that I am honored and thankful for the opportunity to serve the community that I love. I believe that I am capable and qualified for this position because I have a great understanding of the state and how the government operates. I have experience in public service, civic involvement, and non-profit volunteer work. My educational background includes a high school diploma Nashua High School Class of 2002, Culinary Arts, and American and Japanese flower art as well as business experience. I currently work as an advocate to those who suffer from mental illness. I believe with all of my experience combined and my openness and willingness to serve I can be an effective State Rep. I am not afraid to work across party lines to solve numorous and many complex issues that the state faces today. I will be a strong advocate for education, public safety, and people with mental and physical disabilities. I will always fight for the rights of the LGBT community. I respectfully ask for your help of any amount as it will go a long way. Thank You for your help.

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