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Democrats (as well as progressives) have tended to miss the boat on coordinating efforts to win majorities in the state legislatures. Republicans-- and outside right-wing groups-- haven't. And they've done a great deal of damage on a state level, as we've seen in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Arizona, Texas...We're looking for strong advocates who will protect and advance progressive values in state legislatures and eventually move up through the political system. Democrats have realistic hopes to win majorities in the Colorado Senate-- they're one seat down-- as well as the Maine Senate, where they are on track to flip the 3 necessary GOP-held seats, one of which by our old comrade-in-arms, Shenna Bellows, the Washington Senate, the New York Senate, the Arizona Senate (in part by winning a seat against a Trumpist teabagger named Frank Schmuck), the Navada Senate, where they're down by one seat, the New Hampshire Senate and the West Virginia Senate. There is also a good chance they will take back state Houses in Nevada, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Michigan, Iowa, and New Mexico.

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