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Until recently Democrats (and progressives) missed the boat on coordinating efforts to win majorities in the state legislatures. Republicans-- and outside right-wing groups-- haven't. They've done a great deal of damage on a state level, as we've seen in Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Arizona, Texas...

We're looking for strong advocates who will protect and advance progressive values in state legislatures and eventually move up through the political system. Call it "Blue America's Farm Team."

Recently, Democrats have had a tremendous amount of success in flipping red districts-- 36 by February, with an average of almost 20 points in swing from Trump's victories to these state legislative victories. That is Yuuuge!

Let's help keep that going-- and let's help make sure Republicans don't have majorities to gerrymander district lines after 2020's election, because, census.

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