Let's Support the Washington County UT Democratic Party!

The Washington County Democratic Party is growing and has a visible presence in Southern Utah!

Your contribution is greatly appreciated and can be made by using this form. Ongoing monthly support is especially beneficial as it allows the WCDP to plan ahead. Please be as generous as possible!

Thank you for your interest and support! Please contact Zachary Almaguer, WCDP Chair at 435.339.0200 or chair@thewashingtondems.com if you would like more information.

Check us out on the web at www.thewashingtondems.com and on Facebook!                                                                                                                                                                            MY MONTHLY PLEDGE TO THE WASHINGTON COUNTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY

Recently it has come to the attention of some members that our board members have been operating without a guaranteed income to cover necessary and ongoing expenses. Monthly expenses for the Washington County Democratic Party include rent for our office space, rent for spaces to hold large group meetings, telephone, etc. In addition to serving on our board of directors on our behalf, board members have repeatedly found it necessary to dip into their own pockets to cover these necessary costs.
As Democrats, we should all be sharing these costs by pledging a monthly contribution to the Washington County Democratic Party. This would allow our board of directors to be able to plan ahead. Only you know how much you can afford to help out, as we all have individual financial circumstances. Please pledge by filling out this form.

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