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In New York, Republican hopeful Jane Corwin thought nobody would notice that she shares a party with Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), the man who aims to end Medicare.

She was wrong.

On ActBlue, 14,000 donors and $637,000 helped make Democratic victory in NY-26 happen, as grassroots Democrats and party leaders alike came together to draw a line in the sand. The power of your voice, amplified through ActBlue, made the difference for Democrats

Now everyone's paying attention.

Republicans have figured out their strategy: tell voters whatever it takes to get to D.C., and then do whatever they like--ending Medicare, for example--once they're there. As NY-26 shows, ActBlue makes it harder for Republicans to do that. By making your computer screen a window into American politics, ActBlue helps you see through Republican distortions. And dollar by dollar, vote by vote, you're making them pay.

Remember: thousands of Democrats depend on ActBlue to make victories like this one possible, and ActBlue depends on you.

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