It's not too late. A $3 donation will help these candidates Get Out The Vote!

Corporate Democrats killed the public option and watered down Wall Street reform. We can't let them win these close races in NJ, IA, and CA.

Please donate $3 to help elect allies for Alan Grayson in important primaries happening this week.

  • Mike Honda grew up in a Japanese-American internment camp. Now, he is one of the boldest progressives in Congress, fighting alongside Alan Grayson for the little guy.
  • Eloise Gomez Reyes is the daughter of immigrants and grew up working on an onion farm. Now, she's running for Congress to expand Social Security, hold Wall Street accountable, and fight for common-sense immigration reform.
  • Michael Eggman is a beekeeper and farmer who is running in a top-targeted race by both political parties. He supports expanding Social Security, creating jobs, and (as a beekeeper) wants to address the growing climate crisis.
  • Bonnie Watson Coleman has spent her life as an outspoken fighter for the poor and powerless. As Majority Leader of the New Jersey Assembly, she helped pass a millionaire’s tax, prison reform, and education bills into law. She’s ready to keep fighting in Congress.
  • Pat Murphy has fought for progressive legislation throughout his career. As Iowa’s Speaker of the House, he led the fight to raise the minimum wage and ushered in universal pre-K. A prairie populist, he’ll take the fight to Capitol Hill.
  • Dr. Lee Rogers is running for Congress in California's 25th district against two right-wing Republicans. He's gone on offense -- talking about Medicare access for all and letting the government negotiate lower-price prescription drug prices.
  • Support putting these great Americans in Congress? Donate $3 to their campaigns today.

    Please also donate to our work electing these bold allies of Elizabeth Warren and Alan Grayson -- on the right or by mail.

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