Show you're a proud member of the Elizabeth Warren wing

Help spread the Elizabeth Warren excitement while supporting our work making her agenda central in 2016.

All items are union-made in the USA, and shipping is free! Thank you for your support!

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Elizabeth Warren Sticker

Show your support for Elizabeth Warren with a bumper sticker! (Also looks great on laptops and notebooks.)


Elizabeth Warren Magnet

Removable magnet, perfect for cars, refrigerators, or markerboards. Only 6 left in stock!


Elizabeth Warren T-shirt

Get a shirt that says "I'm from the Elizabeth Warren wing of American Politics."


Trickle Down Doesn't Sticker

We're still waiting for trickle down economics to work...in the meantime, there's a bumper sticker.


Trickle Down Doesn't Shirt

Available in both men and women's cuts.


If the 99% Vote Button


If the 99% Vote Sticker


If the 99% Koozie

Make a statement at this summer's barbecues. Only 9 left.


"Good Hunters Don't Need Assault Weapons" Sticker

Only 2 left.


Patriot Act Sticker


"I ❤ Social Security -- Increase It, Don't Cut It" sticker


"Corporation$ Are Not People" sticker


"Reverse Citizens United" sticker


"A Student Loan Should Not Be a Life Sentence" magnet


Sticker 3-Pack (Save 25%!)

Get 3 stickers, save 25%! Choose any combination of 3 stickers below.


Help PCCC with postage

We're covering postage to make these gifts more affordable for those on Social Security and fixed budgets. But if you can afford it, your help with postage is greatly appreciated.


PCCC scholarships

We're training bold progressive candidates to run cutting-edge campaigns. Every $20 goes towards a $400 travel scholarship and is a great gift to young people who want to make a difference.


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