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My efforts to represent Colorado's State House District 2 in the State Capitol came up short in last June's primary. Although I was disappointed with the results, I am proud of the campaign we ran. I'm eager to keep the conversation going and to make sure your voices are heard. If you'd like to support continued communication and outreach efforts, I'd appreciate your ongoing support.

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Support of individuals like you means everything to a campaign like mine. I was one of a very small but growing number of candidates for State Senate and State House who has decided not to accept Political Action Committee (PAC) money or Small Donor Committee (SDC) contributions as an important step in getting big money out of politics and ensuring that I represent individuals as opposed to special interest groups.

I’m confident that we can lead the way to grassroots reform in the way campaigns are funded. I’m counting on strong grassroots support from people who share my belief in the role of the individual in our political system.

Thnk you for the important statement you're making to other candidates and elected officials that turning down PAC and SDC money is in line with the values of Colorado voters.

I’m proud to stand up for what I believe in and to stand by the individuals in House District 2 who know their voice is not being drowned out by big money. I hope you’ll stand with me and help us lead the way as we move forward in our grassroots movement.

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