Stop Ken Cuccinelli and his Extreme Right-Wing "Clones" in Virginia. Help Elect Mark Herring Attorney General in 2013!

State Senator Mark Herring is a strong progressive who will take back the Virginia Attorney General's office from Obamacare-bashing, climate-science-denying, abortion-and-contraception-banning, LGBT-discriminating, anti-government extremist Ken Cuccinelli.

Unlike Cuccinelli and his Republican "clones" running for Attorney General this year, Mark Herring strongly supports a woman's right to choose, has been a leader on LGBT equality, believes in action on climate change and promoting clean energy. More broadly, Herring will use restore professionalism and dignity to the Office of Attorney General after four long years of abuses and corruption by Ken Cuccinelli.

Why should you care who the next Attorney General of Virginia is? Because, among other things, Virginia is one of the most important states politically in the country, a large "swing state" that went for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, but that remains a challenge in odd-year elections like 2013. Thanks for any help you can provide to Virginia progressive activists working hard to turn the state blue, once and for all!

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