Roza Calderon for Congress 2018

The American Dream

I am a scientist, a mother, and a small business owner. I fled my home country of El Salvador and came to the US as a refugee. I understand the importance of restoring the American Dream and am dedicated to fighting and standing up for working, blue-collar families, so that we can all excel as a nation.

The American Dream is rooted in the ideas that every child deserves equal opportunity to excel and that individuals who work hard should have a fair shot to get ahead, no matter where they started in life.  

We need people in Congress with courage, who will do the right thing for the constituents of this district. We need someone who will always vote people over party.

We are a nation united by civic values. These beliefs help build our national character and our economy. When we provide equal opportunity for all, our economy does better for everyone.

I will fight for every Californian and American to make sure the American Dream is there for the next generation and many more to come.

There are three key reasons why I am the best candidate to replace Tom McClintock in 2018:

  • As a scientist, I understand the complexities of forest, water, and wildlife management within our district.
  • I understand the real issues affecting the people of our district and am not interested in partisan politics.
  • California District 4 is my home.

Can you name just TWO things McClintock has done for our district that has had a positive impact in your life?

You didn't fail. The reason you couldn't come up with two things is because the fact is McClintock has done nothing for our district!

It is time we replaced him with someone who lives here. Who grew up here. Who understands the struggles of our district. Who cares about our district and who offers solutions to our problems. 

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