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The Sister District Project is a national grassroots organization that harnesses excess progressive energy from volunteers and donors across the country, and then channels that energy towards strategic, winnable races where a small, directed boost can make a big impact. We help Democrats win elections so that we can take back state legislatures, ensure fair redistricting, and regain control of the U.S. House of Representatives by 2020.

In 2017, we’re focusing primarily on state legislative races, which will allow us to refine our model and build our volunteer infrastructure. In 2018, we’ll expand our scope to support races at both the state and federal levels.

Currently, Sister District is entirely volunteer run. We’re turning to you, our community, for help to continue building the organization.

How does the Sister District Project work?

We implement national strategy (carefully vetted races, called “Sister Races”) through local action (volunteers organized into home district teams). It’s simple:

You sign up to be a volunteer with Sister District at our website,

We connect you with your home district team, which is led by volunteer District Captains.

We handpick a small number of Sister Races that are winnable (within 5 points in previous elections), strategic (will help flip/hold a legislative chamber), and have a great candidate.

As soon as we assign Sister Races to district teams (Wave 1 on April 19 and Wave 2 in June), you work together with your local team to fundraise, phone-bank, spread the word on social media and, if you can, travel to the Sister Race community to knock on doors, attend candidate rallies, and help get out the vote.

Together, we will help Democrats win elections and bring us closer to our goals of reversing partisan gerrymandering and taking back the House by 2020.

All funds raised here will help us scale and formalize the organization, including hiring full-time staff, and adding more resources to support our volunteers. Most immediately, we need to hire a full-time executive director, hire campaign liaisons to work directly with Sister Race campaigns, develop a comprehensive training program for our volunteers, and to cover current costs and expansions/upgrades to our digital organizing and communications platforms.

Please chip in today so that we can keep working to change red to blue, together!

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