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Friends -

We launched The Collective PAC a few months ago for several reasons.

First, at the time of our launch there did not exist any entity in the country whose focus was to specifically help elect black candidates at every level. We are now filling that void.

Second, during my time at the Ready for Hillary Super PAC, I saw the power of digital organizing and fundraising, as we raised over $16 million from over 1 million low-dollar grassroots donors in just two short years. We are seeking to build a similarly sized grassroots low-dollar donor network for black candidates nationwide.

Third, as we watch the escalating tension between law enforcement and black communities across the nation, we realize the one challenge we can directly impact is the inequitable distribution of political power in our country. What we now know is that 90% of elected officials and 95% of elected prosecutors are white. [1] We are focused on targeting races at every level where we can increase black political power – something that also has not been the sole focus of any organizations or institutions.

While we’ve only been around for 75 days, The Collective PAC has amassed a growing following. To date we have 23,316 online supporters, received over 2,679 individual contributions averaging a little over $14 for a total of $43,509.64 dollars raised for our five endorsed candidates and our PAC. While these numbers are good, we are not nearly reaching the scale we need to.

And that is where your support comes in.

We are building an Emily’s List for black candidates, but we cannot do that without your support. On September 30, we will have to report our first major financial filling and we need to show to vast support from both grassroots and major donors.

I am asking that you stand with us during this important time. Become a member of The Collective by making a contribution of any amount.  Only donors who contribute at least $200 will actually appear on our financial report and we need as many of you as possible to stand with us.

But this isn’t just about the future. This is about the now. 

Like in 2012, black voters will play a critical role in the upcoming 2016 election. With your support, The Collective PAC will be in a great position to work in coordination with the national campaign and the Democratic Party to get out the black vote in key markets like Cleveland, Philadelphia, Detroit, Charlotte, Hampton Roads, Atlanta and Miami.

When our endorsed candidates win this fall, we will not only pick up 2 Democratic seats in Congress, we will have increased the number of black women in Congress by 15%, increased the Congressional Black Caucus to its largest size in history with at least 50 members, and inspired a new generation of black political donors to continue this work in 2017 and 2018.

We need your support. Consider helping us become the organization that our community so desperately needs. 

In Service,

Quentin James, Founder
The Collective PAC

[1] The Reflective Democracy Project by the Women’s Donor Network: www.WhoLeads.Us

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