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It's time for Stella Padilla for mayor, and we're working hard to get boots on the ground so that we can elect a mayor that represents all of our city. We have about two weeks to raise seed money for this campaign, so donate now to make the biggest difference in getting Stella on the ballot and into office!

This campaign is a little different from a lot of state and national campaigns, where candidates spend a year (or two) before the election asking for donation after donation. This is our only chance to ask you for your contributions. As a potential public finance candidate, we have until February 15th to raise seed money, which is money we can use to get us through the qualifying period of February 16th through March 30th. During the qualifying period, we will need volunteers to hit the pavement and collect 3,600 signatures needed to get Stella on the ballot and qualify as to receive the money she needs to finish the campaign from the city of Albuquerque. This process is meant to ensure that not only the rich and already well-connected can run for a political office in Albuquerque, and to keep our candidates from being accountable only to wealthy donors and PACs (political action committee money). 

Want to make more of a difference in this campaign, or maybe you can't donate right now?  We need volunteers to collect signatures during the qualifying period!  There are lots of ways to help our campaign, and you can sign up to be a volunteer at our website here.  You can go to to learn more about her views and her ideas for our city.   

Some of the previous statements, specifically the ones about how we could only fundraise for a short period of time, were wrong.  We’re sorry. We’ve been receiving updated information from the city about the timeline and dates for donations and signatures, and we’ll be updating all of our materials with the latest information.  Thank you for your patience.  

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