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House Speaker Paul Ryan is the most dangerous, most conservative House Speaker in generations. He has already stated he wants to cut Medicaid and Medicare in 2018, and combined with his long-held desire to privatize Social Security, Paul Ryan is hell bent on tearing apart the moral fabric of our country.

We have to stop the Speaker. Since we formed Stop the Speaker PAC at the end of the 2016, we've communicated with tens of millions of voters across the country, helping to educate voters of all stripes about Paul Ryan's sinister agenda. We're harnessing the national resistance energy and focusing it on Paul Ryan, driving down his approval rating and making him more vulnerable to defeat in the 2018 elections.

Now, we need your help to have an even bigger impact in 2018. 2018 is the year we stop Donald Trump in his tracks - but we can only do that by defeating Paul Ryan first.

Can you donate today to help us achieve our fundraising goal?

About Stop the Speaker PAC

We are sophisticated digital experts. We have massive experience with field operations. We know political communication. And we are located on the ground right here in Paul Ryan’s district. We know his neighbors, we know his vulnerabilities, and we know how to make it hurt. We're not affiliated with any of the big national groups. We don’t have a big staff or any alternative agendas, and we don’t have a charitable tax status to protect.

Your donation will go directly to our digital organizing efforts. We will create problems for Ryan in his district that he can’t avoid. We will turn out citizens to events, pack his town halls, work with other like-minded groups to maximize impact and make sure that the media covers it all.

This is how we will beat Paul Ryan – but we can’t do it without your financial support.

Thank you for your support.

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