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The eyes of America will be on Wisconsin on June 12th for these two special elections being held. Governor Scott Walker did everything he could to prevent them from happening but former Attorney General Eric Holder was able to force him to do the right thing.

Now, we have to win!

We have our last chance to capture true momentum going into this fall's general election. 

You know the story: two legislative seats are vacant because the incumbents took jobs with Walker's administration. Fearing further losses before he has to stand for re-election, Walker tried to ignore the law by refusing to call special elections. Along with a lot of public pressure, former Attorney General Eric Holder was able to force him to do the right thing and call the special elections for June 12th.

So in just over a month, the eyes of America will again be on Wisconsin.

If we win these, it will show the blue wave is real and give us the momentum we need to win the majority in the state senate and state assembly.

Luckily, we have two great candidates running

CALEB FROSTMAN , for Senate District #1:

This covers Green Bay and Door County, and is a PIVOT DISTRICT: voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 (47.03%), but Trump in 2016 (Hillary 38.51%). 

Caleb Frostman is running unopposed on the Democratic side. Caleb grew up in Brown County and now lives in Sturgeon Bay where he serves as the Executive Director of the Door County Economic Development Corporation. Rebecca Dallet took 53.5% of the vote in this district.

ANN GROVES LLOYD, Assembly District #42.

This District is north of Madison/Sun Prairie. Ann is a fifth generation Wisconsinite with deep ties to her community and a passion to make Wisconsin a better place to live, work and study. Her first ad is making waves because it takes Walker to task for putting our water at risk. Ann is running to protect our waterways and our farms from corporate polluters because without clean water, Wisconsin doesn’t run. 

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