Friends of Laura Sturgeon for Delaware State Senate

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I’m Laura Sturgeon, and I’m running for state senate in Delaware’s 4th District to be your voice at the table in Dover. I was raised right here in Delaware after my parents emigrated from Argentina seeking educational and economic opportunity. I’m the product of Delaware schools, graduating from Brandywine High School and the University of Delaware for my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. I know this state and this district, and as your state senator I will always fairly represent the values and interests of the people that live here.

I’ve taught in Delaware public schools for 23 years. In the classroom at Delcastle, Hodgson, and now Concord High School, I’ve taught students from all backgrounds. I’ve seen first-hand the effects of both good and bad policy on their lives, and I want to bring this experience to Dover.

I am a leader and board member of the Delaware State Education Association, the largest union in Delaware, where I advocate for public school teachers across the state. As a teacher I fight for my students every day, whether they need extra academic attention or help finding social services. As the state senator for the 4th District I will advocate for my constituents the same way—whether that means fixing a pothole or helping them navigate the government bureaucracy to get satisfaction.

I believe our state government can and should play a positive role in our community. We can fully fund our public schools. We can protect our environment. We can provide health, safety, and opportunity to all those who live here, regardless of nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation or personal wealth. I intend to fight for these values in the state senate, and we need to protect our Democratic majority to do so.

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