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Texans deserve better from those who are paid to represent us in Congress!
In December, when no one was going to run against Joe Barton, there was an outcry. Instead of just talking about it, within 48 hours, people contributed enough on-line to pay my filing fee. Now we must get serious to win in November. You got me into this race. Now I need your help to take this to the finish.

I need your help to end the three-decade devastating economic experiment which has cost Texans jobs, savings accounts,retirement accounts, affordable educational opportunities and a path to the future for our families.
Who is in Congress directly impacts your pocket book.

I am asking that you give to this campaign now so that I can fight to bring jobs back to Texas, to build new, next generation industries here so Texans work for more than "just a living wage!"
Texas isn't a place where folks should "just get by!" We are here to excel, to rise to the top, to thrive, to help others, to innovate and to create. We are here to be who and what others envy and strive to become.

We can do it! "Trickle-down economics" and "austerity" has been tried. Nothing trickled down except debt. Instead, all the money zoomed to the top 1% and lined the pockets of the special interests and buddies of the incumbents. Your contribution to the Cozad for Congress campaign says that you are tired and fed up with what you've seen going on in Washington. You want the government open and taking care of business.

America is a nation where we can pay our way. America is where we INVEST in what is NECESSARY. Our roads, our bridges,our pensions and our children's education cannot be left to crumble! Before Joe Barton and his predecessor, Texans who worked hard got to succeed! People who graduated from college got good jobs. We did it better before! Send David E. Cozad to Congress and soon, we'll do it better again!

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