VAYD Executive Board

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Meet the team that is going to be Donald Trump's worst nightmare! Made up of students from both high school and college, in addition to a number of young professionals (under 35) from every corner of the commonwealth, the Executive Committee of the Virginia Young Democrats is ready to get to work throughout Virginia to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.

Donate today to guarantee that we can defeat Republicans in 2017 and beyond and begin to train the next generation of Democrats here in Virginia!

President: James Lewis, Alexandria Young Democrats
Executive Vice President: Alexis Rodgers, Metro Richmond Area Young Democrats
Campaign Director: Robbie Bradshaw, Old Dominion University Democrats
Political Director: Maggie Davis, Arlington Young Democrats
Membership Director: Chris Hopkins, Robinson Secondary Young Democrats
Finance Director: Joe Russell, George Mason University College Democrats
Public Affairs Director: Melissa Carter, Hampton Roads Young Democrats
Secretary: Graham Weinschenk, Yorktown High School Young Democrats
Treasurer: Eugene Chigna, Metro Richmond Area Young Democrats
National Committeeman: Morgan Jameson, Fairfax Young Democrats
National Committeewoman: Jamie Nolan, Metro Richmond Area Young Democrats
Outreach Chair: Danni Gonyo, George Mason University College Democrats 
Council of Presidents Chair: Paul Davis, Fairfax Young Democrats 

City/County Chair: Tavarris Spinks, Metro Richmond Area Young Democrats 
College Chair: David Birkenthal, University of Virginia Democrats
Teen Chair: Susanna Maize, Jamestown High School Young Democrats

Southwest Region Chair: Aaron Taylor, Virginia Tech University Democrats
Northern Region Chair: Tania Bougebravel, Arlington Young Democrats
Valley Region Chair: Eric Kaufmann, James Madison University College Democrats
Southside Region Chair: Mary Alice Kukoski, University of Virginia Democrats 
Southeast Region Chair: Vernon Tillage, Hampton Roads Young Democrats 
Central Region Chair: Hannah Bristol, Metro Richmond Area Young Democrats 

Women's Caucus Chair: Victoria McMahon, Virginia Tech Young Democrats 
Health Policy Caucus Chair: Chloe Dawson, Virginia Tech Young Democrats
Minority Caucus Chair: Jermayne Wright, Virginia Beach Young Democrats
Rural Caucus Chair: Jake Dafoe, Old Dominion University Democrats
Environmental Caucus Chair: Jeremy Smith, Virginia Tech Young Democrats
Labor Caucus Chair: Ryan Green, James Madison University College Democrats
Disability Caucus Chair: Rebecca Trinh, Virginia Tech Young Democrats
Faith Caucus Chair: Michael Abney, Old Dominion University Democrats
Veterans Caucus Chair: Tommy Joe Bednar, Metro Richmond Area Young Democrats
LGBTQA Caucus Chair: Amel Al-Kilnay, James Madison University College Democrats
Education Chair: Cristina Diaz-Torres, Arlington Young Democrats

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  1. I am a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident (i.e., green card holder).
  2. I am at least eighteen years old.
  3. Virginia: This contribution is made from my own funds or the funds of an authorizing corporation or other entity, and the funds are not being provided by any other person or entity.

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