Valdez Bravo for PCC

I am running to serve on the PCC Board of Directors because I believe real change starts locally.  

Over 44% of PCC students are first-generation college students. That was me 13 years ago. After eight years in the Army, I returned home and enrolled at PCC.

PCC changed my life. I’m now a healthcare professional serving my fellow veterans. I’m running to make sure PCC remains what it was for me: A college that opens up new worlds and economic opportunities for all.

As a veteran, Latino, and first-generation college student, I understand the barriers underserved and underrepresented communities face in accessing quality, affordable education. As a former PCC instructor, I’m aware of the challenges confronting students, faculty and staff. As a former PCC Advisory Board member, I helped ensure that curriculum prepared students for the workforce. I know the vital role PCC plays in Oregon’s economy.

As a Board Member, I will advocate for:
● Keeping PCC affordable & reducing barriers to access
● Fair pay and job security for faculty and staff
● Preserving PCC’s sanctuary status so all students can thrive
● PCC as a leader in meeting Oregon’s workforce needs

I can't do this alone. Thank you so much for your support! 

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