Scott Walker wants a new kitchen??

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At a time when he has repeatedly stated that 'Wisconsin is broke', Scott Walker has requested $478,700 of taxpayer money to renovate the kitchen at the Governor's mansion.

This kind of hypocrisy should outrage every Wisconsinite. When Scott Walker asked public sector employees to pay more, they agreed, yet he still took away their collective bargaining rights. When he cut $1.6 billion from our public education system, our students continued to study and forge ahead. And when his top ally in the Assembly, Robin Vos, recently suggested that legislators should get an increase in their daily per diem, we disagreed respectfully and moved forward.

This pattern of asking others to pay more, but selfishly taking more for his own benefit, shows a tone deafness to our shared Wisconsin values. In Wisconsin, we chip in when times get tough. Not Scott Walker. When faced with fiscal challenges, he makes you pay for his new kitchen.

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