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Donate to Re-Elect Wayne Goodwin

Running for statewide office in North Carolina is expensive. 

With my strong consumer protection track record of saving families and small businesses over $2.4 Billion since January 2009; rejecting excessive rate increases where legally possible; achieving the lowest auto insurance rates in the USA; and responsibility for more than 1,500 arrests on insurance fraud charges, the "special interests" are going to spend lots and lots of money to try defeating me in 2016.  Accordingly, this race is going to be even more expensive than ever before.  And it won't be easy.

Please donate $5, $10, $25 or more today. 

If you're able to make an automatically recurring monthly donation of a similar sum - whether $5 or $25 - between now and Election Day 2016, then that will make an even greater difference.  Why? 

  • Because, just like every vote, every dollar counts, especially when scrambling to buy TV, Internet and radio ads, signs, and literature for millions of voters.
  • And, most importantly, because a champion of the people necessarily needs help from grassroots supporters to cover recurring campaign expenses. Special interest candidates will rely upon special interest resources and dark money. 

Unlike those special interest candidates, I'm fighting for you!  Help me continue that fight with a donation of $5 or more TODAY.

And even if you don't live in North Carolina, my decisions inside this state and on the national level with my fellow state Insurance Commissioners reverberate across the entire country. ... My decisions and victories for consumers either directly or indirectly help YOU, where ever you are.  Accordingly,  will you help me with a small sum of whatever you can afford so we can defeat the special interests and keep this important office in the hands of the people?

My opponent is promising to do things that I have already done or that cannot be done by this office, and he's providing false information on the campaign trail.  Every dollar I raise will help me fight the falsehoods with truth, and share my proven record with millions of voters.

But I cannot do it alone.

I'm counting on you. ...

As one of only two statewide-elected Democratic Insurance Commissioners in this country east of Montana (yes, that's correct!), my work and my record has BIPARTISAN support.

I believe -- I trust -- you'll do whatever you're able to do TODAY.

Thank you, my friend, for your help in my fight for the people.

- Wayne Goodwin, NC Insurance Commissioner

P.S. Recurring contributors of $10+ per month for the next 12 months become members of "The Commissioner's Club." Learn more about that special program by clicking here at the link below:


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