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By Year

IA-SD-08 2016
Image of Michael Gronstal

Michael Gronstal

IA-SD-16 2016
Image of Dick Dearden

Dick Dearden

IA-SD-18 2016

Janet Petersen

IA-SD-26 2016
Image of Mary Jo Wilhelm

Mary Jo Wilhelm

IA-SD-30 2016
Image of Jeff Danielson

Jeff Danielson

IA-SD-32 2016
Image of Brian Schoenjahn

Brian Schoenjahn

IA-SD-33 2018

Rob Hogg

IA-SD-34 2016
Image of Liz Mathis

Liz Mathis

IA-SD-36 2016
Image of Steve Sodders

Steve Sodders

IA-SD-42 2016
Image of Rich Taylor

Rich Taylor

IA-SD-44 2016
Image of Tom Courtney

Tom Courtney

IA-SD-46 2016
Image of Chris Brase

Chris Brase

IA-SD-50 2016
Image of Pam Jochum

Pam Jochum