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By Year

VA-SD-17 2015

Traci Dippert

VA-SD-18 2015
Image of L. Louise Lucas

L. Louise Lucas

VA-SD-19 2015
Image of Michael Hamlar

Michael Hamlar

VA-SD-20 2015
Image of Kim Adkins

Kim Adkins

VA-SD-21 2015
Image of John Edwards

John Edwards

VA-SD-25 2015
Image of Creigh Deeds

Creigh Deeds

VA-SD-29 2015

Atif Qarni

VA-SD-29 2015

Charles Colgan

VA-SD-29 2015
Image of Michael Futrell

Michael Futrell

VA-SD-30 2015

Adam Ebbin

VA-SD-31 2015

Barbara Favola

VA-SD-32 2015

Janet Howell

VA-SD-33 2015
Image of Jennifer Wexton

Jennifer Wexton

VA-SD-34 2015
Image of Chap Petersen

Chap Petersen

VA-SD-35 2015
Image of Dick Saslaw

Dick Saslaw

VA-SD-36 2015
Image of Toddy Puller

Toddy Puller

VA-SD-37 2015
Image of Dave Marsden

Dave Marsden

VA-SD-39 2015

George Barker

Image of Alan Howze

Alan Howze

Image of Allison Silberberg

Allison Silberberg

Image of Andrew Resnick

Andrew Resnick

Image of Bob Fenwick

Bob Fenwick

Image of Brad Sheffield

Brad Sheffield

Image of Brian Moore

Brian Moore