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By Year

ND-Sen 2018
Image of Heidi Heitkamp

Heidi Heitkamp

ND-AL 2014

George Sinner

ND-Atty Gen 2014
Image of Kiara Kraus-Parr

Kiara Kraus-Parr

ND-Ag Comm 2014
Image of Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor

ND-Tax Comm 2014
Image of Jason Astrup

Jason Astrup

ND-PSC 2014
Image of Todd Reisenauer

Todd Reisenauer

ND-PSC 2014
Image of Tyler Axness

Tyler Axness

ND-HD-04 2016
ND-HD-11 2014
Image of Kris Wallman

Kris Wallman

ND-HD-11 2014

Ron Guggisberg

ND-HD-11 2014

Scot Kelsh

ND-HD-16 2016
Image of Ben Hanson

Ben Hanson

ND-HD-17 2014

Ed Grossbauer

ND-HD-21 2014
Image of Mary Schneider

Mary Schneider

ND-HD-41 2014

Lillian Jones

ND-HD-42 2016
Image of Corey Mock

Corey Mock

ND-HD-43 2014
Image of Kyle Thorson

Kyle Thorson

ND-HD-44 2016
Image of Joshua Boschee

Joshua Boschee

ND-HD-45 2014

Ed Gruchalla

ND-SD-07 2014
ND-SD-09 2014

Richard Marcellais

ND-SD-11 2014
Image of Tim Mathern

Tim Mathern