CADW 2017 Membership

We're so glad you've decided to join CADW!For over twenty years, Capital Area Democratic Women has worked to increase women's influence in Texas politics and government, from grassroots campaigning and fundraising to running for office and shaping public policy. CADW keeps women's issues at the forefront of Travis County decision makers and bring new women into the Democratic Party. We support the election of Democrats at every level of government. CADW is a PAC that also functions as the Travis County chapter of the Texas Democratic Women.For information about our membership levels, please visit our website or see below!

  • Basic Membership $25
  • Student Membership $15
  • Governor’s Council $200: Lunch ticket for five lunches; one Celebration of Champions ticket; listing as Governor’s Council member on print materials and CADW website.
  • President’s Council $300: Lunch ticket for each monthly lunch (11 total); entry level sponsorship for Celebration of Champions (includes two tickets to event); listing as President’s Council member on print materials and CADW website.
Thank you for your 2017 membership. Please note that you may purchase only one membership (even though the ActBlue ticket form allows multiple purchases). CADW is required to maintain individual records on each of our members. Single purchases are required.If you have any questions about your CADW membership. please contact our VP of

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  4. I am at least eighteen years old.

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