Angela Schweller

2018 - Let's Do This - Angela4KS

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What I stand for:

Better Constituent Relations

Constituents are best represented when they are heard. Legislators in Kansas can achieve this by continuously engaging with the public through conversations, town halls, and active listening. As your Representative, I will eagerly hear your ideas, critiques, and recommendations. We are a community, and can only thrive when we all work together.

Investments in Our Future

Our children, families, and communities should come first. This is what attracts people to Johnson County. Funding for state services such as K-12 Education, Department of Transportation, and Public Safety have been substantially cut by Governor Brownback due to an unbalanced budget. Now that his disastrous tax policy has been overturned we can begin to rebuild and invest back in our people and community.

Commonsense Collaboration in Leadership

Pragmatic decision-making and collaborative efforts are how we come to commonsense solutions. When party loyalty or ideology outweigh reason and objectivity, we fail to accomplish what’s best for our great state of Kansas. I will work across party lines to resolve challenges facing our state, while still holding on to my Democratic principles.

If you stand for these things, then you stand with me. Help flip a historically harmful seat in District 14, by contributing today.

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