Progressive Women for Secretary of State

Our democracy needs us to take action! Between assaults on voting rights, Russian interference, and gerrymandering, standing up for voters is a full-time job. In four key battleground states, it's actually a full-time job for an elected official. The Secretaries of State in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, and Ohio play key roles in protecting our elections and ensuring all eligible voters can cast ballots. In Colorado and Ohio, Secretaries can also help ensure fair district lines will be drawn in 2020.

Fortunately, five incredible women are running for these important offices. We want you to join us to support Jocelyn Benson, Kathleen Clyde, Deidre DeJear, Jena Griswold, and Katie Hobbs, five candidates supported by EMILY’s List and other great local and national organizations and individuals.

Please contribute here to these candidates!

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