Radnor Democratic Committee (PA)

2019 Radnor School Board Candidates

Are you aware that research shows that how well a school board governs can impact student achievement? The Iowa Lighthouse Study done by the Iowa Association of School Boards in 2000 determined eight common characteristics of school boards who were able to have positive effects on student achievement and school culture. Public education in the United States currently faces significant challenges as a result of certain policies and unfunded mandates created in both Harrisburg and Washington D.C. While Radnor is a bit more insulated than most, it is certainly not immune, and the quality of governance of the Radnor Township School Board is more critical than ever to ensuring that each and every one of our students has the best possible K-12 educational experience. Democratic school board members have consistently demonstrated the very characteristics defined by the Iowa Lighthouse Study that promote student achievement such as having high expectations for student achievement and quality instruction, being accountability driven, having a collaborative relationship with staff and the community, using data to inform their decision making, participating in ongoing training and team building to build shared knowledge and trust, and more. 

Local campaigns cost money in order for our candidates to get their messages out to voters. Often this cost is carried disproportionately by a few people. But, politics is changing - and grassroots support is essential to campaign success. Any contribution you make contributes to the election of our candidates so that they can advocate consistently and earnestly on behalf of public education and ensure that our Radnor students receive the highest quality and holistically beneficial education they need and deserve.


Electing strong local candidates builds strong local communities.


Our candidates believe that our excellent public schools are one of the primary reasons why people choose to live in Radnor. The quality of our schools is directly related to the preservation of our home values and appeal of our community. An investment in qualified school board members benefits Radnor students, which benefits us all.

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