All the progressives running for Congress

Support every progressive running for the House of Representatives and Senate across the country.

Why support these candidates?

All 101 of these down-ballot progressives reject corporate PAC money. Since they are 100% grassroots funded, these non-incumbents would represent people and not moneyed interests.

We need elected officials who will champion bold solutions to the crises facing our society, working people, marginalized communities, and the planet.

Among this list of candidates there are activists, community organizers, pro bono attorneys, DSA members and endorsees, and public servants.

What do these progressives stand for?

These progressive would be legislators that fight for the likes of:

  • a Green New Deal;
  • Medicare for All;
  • a fair and equitable economy;
  • a government for the people and not moneyed interests;
  • and many other policies that would improve people's lives and ensure a more just society.

Want to learn more about these progressives?

Check out this Google map to see where these candidates are running and what policies each person stands for:

Note: this form does not include incumbents

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