23months - Licking County, OH Democrats

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Don't Mourn - Organize!

$10 this month for the Licking County (OH) Democratic Party.

The past few month or so of political news has been about "safe" Republican congressional seats suddenly seeming up for grabs. Whether it's Jon Ossoff in Georgia's 6th or James Thompson in Kansas 4th, the failures of Trumpism and our 45th president are putting new districts in play.

I don't think anyone would expect Licking County in Ohio to turn into a similar breakout narrative. They voted for Trump 61/37, for Senator Rob Portman 66/28 and Congressman Pat Tiberi 71/25. That means Donald Trump slightly underperformed the party. But the local party is doing exactly the things you'd expect from a scrappy, insurgent group in small-city Ohio:

Other than the sad story of the Longaberger Basket company or occasional athletic stories from Denison University, we don't hear much from Newark, Ohio (county seat) in the national press. But this article on Bill Moyers reminded me of the power of local politics to create progressive change, even in intensely red, conservative Ohio.

We're probably not going to win in Licking County in 2018. But this active, scrappy Democratic party committee could use our help. And I believe in a 50-state, 435-district, 3,141-county strategy.  

Please donate $10 to support their work and to help win back Congress in 2018.

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