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Don't Mourn - Organize!

$10 this month for the Virginia Beach Democratic Committee.

Last month we raised $1,900 for the Licking County, OH Dems. Throughout the month they commented on the impact your money has - not financially (though that helps) but also as a tremendous boost to their morale! From party president Grace Cherrington, "Your donations have given us a real boost. You've helped our candidates and volunteers to feel that they can make a difference."

In May (month 7) we're going to one of our critical swing states, Virginia, where we're going to be helping the Virginia Beach Democratic Committee.

Like many states, Virginia is deeply and terribly gerrymandered. One nasty side effect is that it's difficult for county parties to effectively organize--they're often sliced across multiple congressional districts. In response, the Democratic Committee in the town of Virginia Beach has organized to try and turn this corner of Virginia Blue.

I first heard about the VBDC when speaking with Tom Brock's (primary candidate for VA's House of Delegates) campaign manager. He explained how local leadership was working hard to recruit and support candidates and was having success in a town whose biggest industries are military (Coast Guard & Navy) and that consistently votes for Republicans.

It's important for us to support these local, grassroots efforts as we work to take back the Congress in 2018!

Please, can you donate $10 this month for the Virginia Beach Democratic Committee?

Thank you in advance,


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